Friday, November 10, 2006


Yom Kippur is just over, and I'm thinking about stuff I want. I think stuff I want to do is okay. Like I might want to go to hear David Macaulay (ooh - didn't realize it costs $17, though). Ooh, but Berkeley Breathed is coming. That might be good. I mean, who can't help but to take pity on this puppy?

I want this CD from Guided by Voices. But only that CD.

Well, this CD is okay, too.

H. Monkey's shopping lists for the fortnight starting Sunday, August 27th

I ended up buying less than half of these.

  • my daily bread
  • iPod Shuffle
  • gym shoes (one pair)
  • work shoes (brownish)
  • post-workout protien low-carb things
  • bananas
  • a PCI 802.11g wireless card that doesn't choke using WPA preshared-key with AES
  • belts, one black and one dark brown
  • tailoring for the suit
  • Gormenghast
  • Yamaha CLP (Clavinova) series digital piano or equivalent
  • FM radio adapter for iPod shuffle
  • FM radio adapter for iPod Nano as gift later this year for sister
  • Subscription to "The Believer" as gift for birthday for sister
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • a couple pints of Vermont's Finest if I actually get all this done