Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not feeling well

Diary of a day not feeling well:

A bit before 0930, woke up. Totally surprised that I didn't sleep till noon or something.
Made a bowl of oatmeal, though didn't have the appetite to eat much of it.
Made a grocery list, as I had almost nothing left in the house.
1030 or so, fell back to sleep.
Woke up. When I thought to check the clock, it was 1830.
I think I tried to eat something, but I can't imagine what for the life of me, as I had nothing to eat.
Took out the trash.
Went grocery shopping.
Put the groceries away, and had a salad (well, just spinach, really -- I don't know if that counts as a salad per se) and a PB&J sandwich. Entire process took three hours. I don't think it should have taken that long, but I guess that's how long it takes.
2130 - 2300 Futzing around on the computer and intermittently listening to music. This includes getting writing what became this blog entry, and getting bummed out because I realized being home sick the other day had caused me to miss the Radiohead show. I bought tickets soon after it was announced. Was slightly heartened by ex post facto online reports that indicated, because of rain, traffic, and my time management skills, I would have missed most of the thing even if I had tried to go.