Tuesday, August 17, 2004

We control the...screw it, we don't control nothin'

Woah. They were directed by the same guy?

Yes, Whichfinder General is more worth your time, assuming violent, bloody misogyny and eye gouging aren't deal-breakers for you.

I've said it before: The Sorcerers was a poorly edited episode of The Outer Limits — the newer series, not the 1960's version. The cast has one 'name' actor everyone knows and a few others that are vaguely familiar. There are serious plot holes, but the general concept is something you probably would never see on screen otherwise. The production values could have been a little better, and there's one horribly miscast guy.

Also, how sad is it that when I saw that episode with Kevin Nealon I instantly recognized the woman as being the English voice of Sailor Moon? This is why I've sworn off cable, people. I'm incapable of regulating my television intake. I turn it on while I'm futzing around on the computer, and the next thing you know I'm riveted, torn between watching people mill around during a quorum call on C-SPAN and an episode of the Telemundo equivalent of Passions. Ten hours later, I'm waking up in the morning two hours after my alarm went off with only three hours total of sleep.

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