Thursday, January 05, 2006

This blog is not delicious

Even when I hadn't been blogging regularly, I did update my page frequently. Sure, I could make notes for myself by ssh'ing to my home computer to check on or update the list of things I wanted to remember, but this way is quicker and more convenient when showing others.

Anyway, it's a good list of what was rummaging around in my mind recently. The history of how instruments are tuned is still blowing my mind -- I knew modern instruments make compromises, but it's another thing entirely to have the math of those compromises quantitatively spelled out for you. I've been watching Good Eats on TV, thinking of signing up for martial arts classes, and playing around with various computer tools, both useful and time-wasting.

And I was pissed that my genius idea from October -- to have 3-D glasses that work by alternately shuttering in synch to a monitor's refresh rate -- I found it in November already sold by someone else.

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