Monday, September 29, 2003

Measure Twice, Cut Once

I had a whole nice post written out but lost it.

I was working on my machine at home and had it booted into Linux, with the thought being that working in VI or Emacs without a GUI would be less distracting, and it was. I found a floppy and formatted it msdos-style, saved the file, took out the floppy, and shut down the system. Oops. I didn't unmount the floppy, so there was no guarantee that the buffers were flushed, and I lost all my data. Still, I'm a little miffed, because the machine wasn't doing much else at the time other than running the normal text console logins. It's not connected to a network right now. I didn't even have X running. It certainly was idle enough to flush a buffer to the floppy or something, I would have thought. If I was thinking it through, I would have saved it to the hard disk, too.

I even had some rough drafts for future posts. But since I've at least written them once, it shouldn't be too hard to recreate.

And as a bonus, I revamped my layout. I'm still not happy with the color scheme I stole from someone else's template. I also failed at what I was trying to do with the archive panel, but I stumbled upon something I like much better. I almost completely forgot the blogger button, though. Lemme just fix that before anyone notices...

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