Friday, September 12, 2003

Today's braindumps:

I'm lovin' the tabs in mozilla firebird. I'm lovin' that you can bookmark all the tabs in one folder and view everything in a folder in different tabs.

I've been just bookmarking whatever I have open when I'm done messing around at the end of the day.

Today: Webcomics weebls Titanium Moose.
..and Unshelved, about libraries. And a Dewey Decimal guide suggested by the Ref Grunt (he is our hero!) and some other blogging librarian. But maybe it's best just to know how to ask questions. The previous link is not a helpdesk. Do not ask them questions. Thank you.

But what does my hero librarian say? He says "Which dialog?"; he says "handel scores!". He captures castles. He awards youth. He peer-reviews the effect of on-line databases to his profession, maybe? He helps us define what truely makes something art (maybe he should let these people know). Maybe today he helped someone appreciate the poetry of those not soneurotypical as we.

Also, I linked to this. I think it's a tax-exempt non-profit, but don't know what they actually do.

Well, enough mindless link propagation for today. Good Shabbas, all.

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