Wednesday, December 24, 2003

"Monkey Monasticism" Must Mosey

Really, I should change the title. We need some changes around here. I have found the secret to making New-Year's resolutions.

I put up Site Meter. I was dragging my feet because I keep telling myself that this blog is more for me than anything else, but I had to know. And now I am misleading poor people looking for Monkey information. Admittedly, I wouldn't have found MonkeyWatch otherwise, but I've mislead about seven people since this weekend. They were looking for monkey lamps and monkey quotes. Now admittedly, I have a thing or two to say about quotes, but not about monkeys. Other than this one post, I'm misleading these poor people! What's more, the title looked funny when Amritas linked to it. Resolved: find a new blog title.

Resolved: just use "H. Monkey" for my name. It's a foolish name, but not a foolish consistancy. I've been feeling more monkey-ish than monkish of late, anyway.

I went to visit family for Thanksgiving, and realised that when I'm not around family and family friends, I'm much more humorless. Resolved: this blog will house attempts to bring the funny, because I need to lighten up more.

I was reminded again that I feel to introspective in this blog. Frank's advice for writer's block is so focused on the descriptive. CommonBeauty blogs with an eye towards self-improvement, but with a non-first-person perspective. Resolved: this is a good a place as any, so here I will practice less solipsism. Writing about oneself is okay, but everyone has a dead bird story.

The secret is to resolve to do things you're already doing.

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