Friday, December 12, 2003

We Were Always Coming Back

I've been really busy lately. I wont have time for more blogging for this week or the next I don't think.

I've been thinking about other quotes and stuff, and I realize that I should hold off on my urge to post until I've actually found the answer (or gotten really, really frustrated after hours of fruitless searching).

Also, I've been thinking of dumping Enetation as the comments thing. I'll still leave old comments up on old posts, but their system has been pretty slow of late. Enetation is great for the price I pay, but if I have to retry a few times to get the comments listing to actually load, it's just not going to cut it. Sure, I could donate some cash, but that wouldn't speed things up now, would it? (Er, actually, it looks like it would. I could spare ten quid...) And please, people, please note that my XML feed link has changed.

I was so sure "We came back. We were always coming back" was a quote from some movie or the like. I guess I was wrong. I wouldn't have guessed it was spoken by Damon Albarn, though.

Okay. That was more than I meant to post, and I really have stuff to get back to doing now, so one last thing before I go: this reviewer needs help. Deltron 3030 is a good album. But it's Revolver good? It's Brian Wilson on his best day good? But it must be because it still holds up even after weeks of listening! Amazing.

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