Monday, May 01, 2006

On all other nights we eat sitting or reclining...

I like the "Donation Derby" at Cat and Girl: if you donate $5 or more, the artist will draw a picture of how your money was spent. I assume from her comics, that she wants "derby" to mean the kind of hat, not the race. A donation hat, see?

Anyway, the one where they bought beers and then discussed Epcot Center reminded me of the time when I was about six and the family went. There is, in fact, something in "the silver hexagon thing" (Buckminster Fuller would be aghast at that description). When we were there, it contained something like "America's Glorious Bounty (brought to you by ADM™)". I distinctly remember images of amber waves of grain whisking past.

Sadly, while we were there the ride was in need of fixing (get it? ADM ... fixing? Eh? Ah. Never mind). I have fond memories of being stuck sitting at a 45° slope for several minutes at a time while we waited for the theme park workers to get the ride moving again. Thankfully, our familial sense of humor shines during irrational pauses. Dad is his most funny at an angle or otherwise under expectant duress.

Maybe it was brought to us by Kraft. They also sponsored a four food-groups singing and dancing show at Epcot (this was pre-food pyramid days). I still have a plush version of the dancing eggplant somewhere. It has a thin, dark mustache and ruffled sleeves (no shirt, just white arms jutting out with ruffled sleeves on them).

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