Tuesday, May 16, 2006

...two bits.

I got a haircut last Wednesday.

I had the barber use the shortest attachment made for electric shavers, the #1. Here's an interview where one co-founders of PayPal, after pulling an coding all-nighter, babbles about how he prefers the #2.

I like this haircut. I like scratching my own head; the novelty of it probably won't wear off for another week.

I think I'll buy a full electric shaving kit for my own use. It'll pay for itself after the first couple uses (well, maybe after the third — I'll probably botch it once or twice at first). More importantly, I wouldn't have to rearrange my schedule when my hair gets shaggy, since I can do it before bed some evening.

I'd still want to have a professional for important occasions, and maybe trimming up around the edges. I like my hair faded in the back (which I'm certainly not going to try and figure out how to do on my own), but that's because trying to make a straight line on my neck and saying, "okay, now the hair can be on this side but not on this side," will never look right. Where would you draw the line? My neck topology isn't the most user-friendly.

I think it's not his real hair

Yesterday I had a dream my hair had grown out like Louis-XIV-the-Sun-King-of-France-hair, though I dreamt mine was more just wavy instead of curly.

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