Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Can't even procrastinate in peace.

I got into accident a while back and I haven't gotten around to dropping the car off for bodywork (fix the dents, get a new bumper, etc.). I've been putting off giving up use of the thing for a while now. For now I'm telling myself I'll ignore it until right after I come back from a next week's Passover vacation. But these guys — and it's always guys — keep pulling up in their cars and stopping. "Hey, I can fix that for you. I do body work." I didn't mind it so much the first few times.

Monday I promised I'd help someone at 3:30, so at 3 I went to buy a late, quick lunch, made matters worse by leaving my cell phone behind on the sub shop counter, and when I went back to get it there's a guy who pulls into the empty parking spot next to where I'm walking to talk to me about my car. So I tell him I didn't have time right then, and he keeps going on about how he'll do it for cheap. I just keep walking and do my thing, but it gets on my nerves.

Tuesday I'm running late once again to meet with someone early (at least I made backup plan for when I was the inevitable 25 minutes late), and I'm driving down the narrow little street where I live, stuck behind someone driving slower than what everyone usually does. Then the driver stops and puts his hazards on, and opens his door, and I start judging which side has enough room for me to pass him on. But he stops at the rear of his car and starts gesturing towards my dented driver's-side bumper, so I think maybe he's just pointing out that there's something wrong with my car in case I didn't notice. That's nice, but...

"I can fix that for you."

I left my car in first so that when I blew past the guy the engine rev'ed extra just in case the sudden acceleration wasn't clue enough.

How good could these guys be that they need to stop random strangers, anyway? Either you're good enough to work in a shop where you can get consistency, a controlled environment, and benefits, or you're even better and you list yourself in the phonebook and advertise like normal people and work hard so people know you by word-of-mouth. Am I wrong?

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