Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Notes on show covers

Saw Echo & the Bunnymen.

Songs covered (in whole or in part), in no order:

  • "Roadhouse Blues", The Doors
  • "The Bends", Radiohead (they did the whole song)
  • "Walk on the Wild Side", Lou Reed (I hate to say it, but he flubbed the rhythm of the "doot-da-doot" part a little).
  • I can't remember — was it the Wilson Pickett tune "In the Midnight Hour" or was it "After Midnight" by J. J. Cale?
Crap, are there any others I'm missing?

Boy Kill Boy was the opening act. For the first couple and last couple songs they played, I felt like the band was pulling against thier own drummer. Then the Bunnymen came out, and right off the bat the drummer was like, "Follow me, boys!" And that's why some bands still headline after 25 years.

Ooh, I feel all connoisseur-y right now. I used to be drummer ignorant, until I had a roommate (brother of the girl with the bed of nails side-show side-job) who had a band. I found out how little I was aware of the difference a good drummer can make. A couple years of paying attention, and now I'm all critiquing and shit.

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