Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Zap Squeeze

I had a dream I was working on a device that could squeeze the juice from an orange using microwaves. There was also a bunch of stuff about eating in restaurants of various nationalities (probably related to the Japanese and Korean restaurant conversation with Josh from the day before). A waitress at the English pub-like place was working part-time while she finished an engineering degree, and was fascinated the 3-D mock-up I was making of the device on the restaurant's table. I made out of origami boxes I folded from thick white paper stock and tied together loosely with red string.

On wakening, I realized that the 3-D schmatic was crap, but the core concept would actually work well for purifying water by distillation. My gut tells me it's not worth trying because microwaves probably wouldn't be more cost or enegery efficient than gas or solar heat.

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