Friday, October 24, 2003

How I Get Distracted Easily:

Before I start, if anyone who actually cares finds that the foreign language stuff is garble, please post a comment letting me know. Also, the next paragraph is cool because it makes it look like, to someone who doesn't know much either, that I actually know what I'm talking about.

I was reading the comments on today's Megatokyo, and Dom mentions a bet where if he wins, he forces someone to watch Boboboobo Boobobo. Dom's spelling is a bit misleading, though. It's spelled ボーボボ, and I was thinking was thinking Boubobo would be closer to how it's actually pronounced. So I went searching for anything in English language stuff about the wackiness that is ボボボーボ * ボーボボ. I did find info on the GBA game, where fans are spelling it Bohbobo. And then I searched for the title "Bobobohbo Bohbobo Ougi 87.5 Bakuretsu Hanage Shinken" in Japanese, which I guessed would come out to おうぎ87.5  ばくれつ はなげ しんけん (I left out the 87.5 bit since I don't know how to say it ... hachiju shichi something?), and found a press release for the game here. Which is interesting, because they call the game 奥義87.5 爆烈鼻毛真拳, and say it's pronounced "Ougi Hanaguu Bakuretsu Hanage Shinken" (おうぎハナゲー ばくれつはなげしんけん). So I checked it against the Japanese dictionary software I like to use. I have no idea how they get "hanaguu" from 87.5. Ougi is "secrets, mysteries". The dictionary tripped on the kanji, but picked up on bakuretsu spelled phonetically as "explosion". Hanage is "nostril hairs". Shinken, based on the kanji they're using, means "true fist" (or "pure" or "just"), though it looks like an intentional reference to 神剣, "divine sword".

So, let's translate the title as "Bobobohbo Bohbobo [the protagonist's name]: Mysteries of the True Fist of the 87.5 Exploding Nostril Hairs". Well, Dom did say it was a punishment.

And in case you still care, a guy writes here in his blog:

The Impossibility of Reason is now Bohbobo-ified for your protection. Bobobohbo Bohbobo is a Weekly Jump manga series that parodies Fist of the North Star and other such martial arts manga.

Emphasis his. And no, he doesn't mean making fun of this Fist of the North Star, which was fairly horrible, but this one which, imho, was better but still not good.

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