Sunday, October 19, 2003

Soon With Feed, Also I've Got Rhythm

Well, hopefully the feed from the nice folks over at BlogMatrix will be up and running soon. They said it may take 24-36 hrs. As I've said before, I sure wouldn't read this blog feedless if it wasn't mine. So as you know, I got the idea from seeing it on this blog.

Next, about the dream post. Since it came up in conversation with .P yesterday, he story about me at camp with the out of tune piano is true. It happened, and how I wrote it in the post is as accurately as I can remember it. People would remind me about it years after the fact, up to and including my last year at that camp, 7 years after the original incident. In the dream, I dreamt that I decided to include the story in my essay/test-thingy.

I did elaborate about the time signatures a bit, but they were in the dream because it was a music class exam after all, and dream-me felt I had to demonstrate some knowledge of music theory. But I was listening to "Unsquare Dance" for the first time (while not dreaming) a few weeks before, and was trying to count it and kept coming up with 3.5 over 4. Which made no sense to me until I realized that was the same as 7/8. 7/8 time seems sadly more mundane than three-and-a-half. I'm also less impressed in retrospect about a NYT article from about a year ago about a jazz pianist doing rhythmic left-hand stuff based on Indian rhagas or prayer chants or some such that are in four and a half. When you make that 9, it's much less impressive, but if I recall he was playing 4.5 in one hand and 6 in the other or some such, which is just mind numbing.

A test at home to illustrate the above: with one hand, start tapping in fours. Say "one, two, three, four" again and again as you tap, and the taps should be even - have the exact same interval between them. With the other hand, tap the same way but in threes. When that 'other' hand returns to one (on it's fourth tap), the first hand should be on it's one (fifth tap). They tape at different rates, and both go back to one at the same time. I can do 2 vs. 3 easily. I can pull off an imperfect but convincing 4 vs. 3. That's my limit.

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