Friday, October 31, 2003

I Wish Someone Had Warned Me I'm Becoming an Otaku Before I Had Already Typed Most of This Post

I figured some more info about the Bohbobo game.

Instead of a role-play game, it's a "word-play game" (groan). And I'd just like to clarify that I took that pun from this press release - they actually use the English term (or Engrish as the case may be). As any one who has watched shounen anime with lots of fighting, like the inexplicably popular Dragon Ball Z, or even seen Street Fighter or similar video games, you have to announce your moves when you do them. The bigger and more powerful the move, the more impressive your announcing has to be. So for the Bohbobo game, what you have to do is string the phrases for announcing your move together. It's got this system that looks like the wheel on Price is Right. You try to pick the words or phrases you want as the wheel goes 'round, and if you string them together just right you can announce a super move, and then do it. I saw some screenshots, and the only words I could pick out were "my" (私の) and "mayonnaise" (マヨネーズ). I'm not sure how you'd use mayonnaise to beat someone up, but I'm guess if you're writing for a game with "Nose Hairs" in the title, you're expected to get pretty creative.

I'd post the screen shots, but I'm using the "my network connection was interrupted twice today and it must have been solar flares" excuse to avoid going through my browser history to find where it was that I found them.

And about slighting Dragon Ball Z: I watched quite a bit of the show on Cartoon Network. I don't know why. I don't remember it being that good, but I still sat there and watched. Or probably for most of the episodes I listened to it and half-watched while typing away at the computer. It's easy to watch; watching DBZ demands very little of you. Unlike, say, the much superior FLCL.

I feel a little better about my anime interest knowing that's what got this guy down his linguistic path. So long as I can rationalize it, I'm happy.

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