Thursday, February 19, 2004

100 years of...

Can you blame my mom liking her job? They'll have an excess of buttons for Ted Geisel's 100th birthday on Tuesday, March 2nd, so she wrote me asking if I would like one. When I wrote back, I couldn't help myself:

A Seussical button would I like to see
That says "Go read books! Avoid the T.V.!"
Or has Cindy Lou Who, so cute and so wee,
With Yertle and Horton and a big bumblebee.

Please do send it by any which way,
By snore-fax or speed-snail or railcar relay.
I'll wear it one Tuesday so people may say,
"My goodness, what news! It's Seuss's birthday."

I'll hang it like fruit of a truffula tree
On my favorite long-sleeved striped red and white tee.
Oh a Seussical button I would much like to see
So long as it's soon. I won't wait 'till March 3.

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