Thursday, February 26, 2004

Words, words, words

First (and you can ignore the rest of the post if you want): Holy friggin' crap. I actually won. Go me!

Nitpicky stuff: I keep on mispronouncing depreciated as deprecated. The first is from Latin for 'price', the second from 'pray'. The computer geek that I am, when I mean to say deprecated, I don't mean it quite as defined in the dictionary, but more like "obsolete and recommended against" with "soon to be removed in a future version" implied.

Third: I heard two people mistake amenable and amendable recently. I think both meant amenable in the second, "willing to change" sense. Amendable means you can make changes, but doesn't imply whether anyone would like it. Amendable is most commonly used for text (contracts, documents, etc.) and so can substitute for emend, or it can mean a change that improves (c.f. "make amends").

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