Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Monkey In, Monkey Out

I've been looking at the site meter stuff, and a lot of people that come to this site are looking for Chinese Year of the Monkey info. Since it's scrolled off the front page, I thought I'd put a link to my uneducated ramblings about writing "Year of the Monkey" in Japanese and Chinese. I'll just keep this floating at the top. Never mind. Google is good with the indexing so that the links now go to the archive. Cool.

Someone came here looking for "year of the monkey bible", which bothers me because it's mixing religious metaphors. To me, the bible is very iconoclastic in addition to being monotheistic, and the beliefs behind Chinese Zodiac is this incompatible animist tradition. I'm amused that this site that mentions both was ripped off here and here.

The best, though, is whoever typed in to Google What happens to people who were born on the monkey if its the year of the monkey. It's not like Google doesn't have a help page. There's a link for help on the front page and a link labeled "Search Tips" on every results page.

If you see I made a mistake in my original post, and I probably did, please send me an email.

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