Monday, January 31, 2005

Bringing it on home (from work)

So the stuff I mentioned about productivity the other week is really, really working for me... at work. At home, it's crap. I think it's been easier to impose structure at work than at home. No surprise there: everyone at work also trying to create an order to things, and home is for non-productive time as well as productive time so requires more effort to keep them separate.

Pardon me while I brainstorm. Feel free to skip to the bottom of the list if you want. Possible solutions:

  1. Home just requires more effort.

    I'm willing to try this one; I certainly am willing to expand more effort than I have to date, and not doing so put me in a bit of a bind when the clutch went out on my car this past week.

  2. I need a place at home for non-work productive time separate from where I relax at home.

    There is a desk in Chris' recording studio area that I'm sure no one would mind me using for a bit every evening. Either way more effort is required, but I'm liking this the more I think about it.

  3. I need to have a place outside of home for non-work productive time so the distraction of computer/TV/books isn't there.

    I'm thinking local coffee shop or something. This is actually less feasible than it was before, though; now that I've moved I'm no longer in walking distance to a nice quiet place where I can sit down, and this Winter's made clear I need a place to go to even when I can't drive there.

  4. The system at work won't work at home

    Cross this one out, too. I'm not maintaining two systems, and what's going good at work is going really, really good.

Part of the problem with all this is I feel comfortable in clutter. I'm ill-served by clutter. It's the last thing I need, and it's gotten to the point where I don't even notice modest-sized messes any more — not consciously, anyway. And since clutter feels like home to me, naturally I'm very cluttered at home. It's tough to give that up, but I have to.

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