Friday, January 21, 2005

Productivity vs. Blogging

There's a good reason for the past week's lull.

So Frank sent me a link about productivity, and after reading that site and, I've adapted the method to myself and it's working. (I haven't actually opened the book this is all based on, but that doesn't seem terribly necessary now.)

But I can't honestly consider blogging as important as, say, getting all my health insurance paperwork taken care of or picking up water and veggies at the grocery store. So blogging has fallen by the wayside. As a consolation, you can have a look at the linkpage I've been keeping. These are all the things I've been meaning to blog about (though a few are only things I wanted to email to people).

Also, how wrong is it that Blogger's spell checker's dictionary doesn't include the words blogger or blog? You better believe that in every dictionary that comes out of Redmond, Microsoft not only includes Visio, but makes sure you capitalize it everytime, too.

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