Thursday, January 13, 2005

I thought my radio was broken

Either that, or it was some kind of joke promotion — Ace's Mexican Ranchero Accordian Countdown writ large or something.

So I'm driving on the beltway around our nation's capital this afternoon (this afternoon apparently being an operative word here), and I turn on the radio, and I immediately assume my radio is wrong. There's salsa where my emo is supposed to be.

Admittedly, WHFS was in decline after Infinity bought it. Their willingness to play good music that other people wouldn't was part of what made their appeal, and large media corporations are infamously risk-adverse. Just a few months back, more or less, Frank made a comment about how it was sad that the station he fondly remembered from high school now clearly sucks much more than its long-time competitor.

Here's the Washington Post's article about the format change.

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