Thursday, January 13, 2005

Cómo se dice "alt-rock news coverage" en español

tangential to the WHFS going latino post.

While looking at the Google news searches for the format change, I noticed the local ABC affiliate, while posting the shortest article, was the only one to mention that people were injured at the last big WHFS concert (not to mention seeming to rip off the NBC affiliate's headline). Why? I'm guessing the article posted was from a transcript of the news broadcast. Pictures of EMTs treating people with eyebrow piercings was the best footage they had, and if they don't have good footage for the talking head to talk over, it doesn't get on the local TV news. This is why I don't like local TV news.

Contrast the Washington Post article, which got a short quote from Damian Einstein. He may not be the most photogenic, but if Infinity and its employees aren't talking, than Damian is the best person worth getting a quote from. Someone at the Post either knew enough of the history of the area's radio stations or actually did some research.

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