Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Don't Even Get Me Started on the Rauschpfeife

They had a new interview with They Might Be Giants on NPR's Fresh Air. They didn't give out the dial-a-song number like they did in the very excellent episode of This American Life that was about stories that only happened because of the telephone. I think TMBG no longer has anything at the other end of the line. They still do update regularly.

Anyway, they mentioned the Sarrusophone. Check this out: Yahoo Groups: Sarrusophone exists. Despite colonization attempts, the internet is still a wild & wooly place.

Also searching on the net while listening to the interview, I found a movie from 1971 that TMBG probably stole their name from. Sarah Vowell says she wrote liner notes for their recent "best of" CD, and I found this directory on ibiblio of every album review on the public radio programs on WUNC for most of the 1990's.

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