Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Feed Me!

Still working out the rss/xml feed issues.

I'm still trying to hold out hope for my feed at blogstreet.com, which I like because it displays a summary in my SharpReader window instead of just trying to take me directly to the site. My on-the-fly feed from thelocust.org is more reliable though. The Blogstreet server looks to be down at the moment. The locust keeps on going.

I was also thinking of changing comment systems, but I wouldn't want to if I couldn't export my current stuff and reimport it. It's more or less impossible with Blogger to keep the old comments on the old posts and whatnot - I could do it if I edited each post by hand.

I do want to post a list of feeds I have subscribed to in my aggregator. I can't even remember how I found some of them (like the Homestar Runner feed).

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