Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Dude, way to skijor

I was looking into buying skis as a gift and stumbled upon some interesting sites.

First, if you want to find trails, Trailsouce was recommended by Google. Or maybe I found it through About.com. Anyway, you can find a list of cross-country trails in New York, say, and they also have international listings, like for Argentina (also for hiking, which I may have to check out).

Then there was the International Gay & Lesbian Snowsports Association. I don't understand the reasoning. I wouldn't be interested in an "International Heterosexual Snowsports Association", even after switching 'Snowsport' with an activity I actually participate in. (To be fair, a truer equivalent might be a "Singles Skiing Club" or somesuch.)

On a straighter note, I found Skijoring. There's something that strikes me as nifty about the idea of sled-dogging without the sled (you're on skis). While two-dog team is evidently the standard for racing, I like the "just a man and his dog" mentality.

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