Tuesday, January 06, 2004

[Edited Jan 5^H6, 2003]

Screw you, you bastards, for using this stupid comic as an excuse to make fun of me. A friend sent friends of mine and me an email with a link to this comic, pointing out that it amusingly mirrored my life. You all are so high and mighty But to be honest, it does reflect a shortcoming of mine, and you're just more perfect than I am, aren't you? and I'd like to take it as constructive criticism. I am working hard at being more organized and neat Not too perfect to kick a man when he's down, though. but I have far to go. I mean, just the night before And I appreciate that you had to point out the mess in the middle of a public parking lot you guys are always there with encouraging reminders. Fscking jerks the lot of you. It's always good to know that your have friends who are looking out for you.

Up yours.

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