Thursday, January 08, 2004

I so wanted... of these:
I was looking for a new alarm clock anyway, because the one I currently have clearly isn't enough. You can supposedly hook this one up to your computer via USB and set any 50 second or shorter sound as your alarm. It will take mp3's, wav's, and aiff's, among others.

So I ordered one, and got an automated invoice/receipt:

★ご注文内容 ━━……‥‥━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━‥‥……★
お客様のご注文日は 2004.1.7、ご注文番号はSJW12597742 で承りました。

商品名:USB Alarm clock 「WakeUp」 × 1個


At $42 and change after it's not the cheapest alarm clock I coud buy, and that's assuming I don't have to pay customs fees. It would be worth it if I coud get the thing to actually arrive.

Sadly, it was not meant to be:
Dear, [the name I gave them, which was my attempt to render my name in katakana]

I'm sorry. We sell only in Japan.
Goods are not delivered abroad.
I cancel your order.

Best Regards
MIB Online Shop


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